Ultra-sensitive wind velocity anemometer BS-05S

Wind speed sensor 0~0.5m/sec

about product

FOB Price : US $ 1,000 - 1,050 / Piece
Min.Order Quantity : 1 Piece/Pieces
Supply Ability : 30 Piece/Pieces per Month
Port : Haneda / Narita
Payment Terms : T/T,PayPal


This sensor is a windspeed sensor of the thermal type which is able to detect the windspeed and wind direction of the direction that is faced mutually, also this is possible to output analog voltage.


Item Technical specification Unit Remark
Measuring range 0 ~ 0.5 m/sec
Speed of response Within 1sec sec Time constant
Within 2.5 sec sec 90%
Power supply voltage 4.5 ~ 9.0 V DC
Electricity consumption 1.9 W MAX
Output voltage (1) 0 ~± 1 V DC A,B both directions
(1) 0 ~ 5 V DC A,B each individual outputs
Output impedance (1) 100 Ω
(2) 1
Warm-up time 15 sec
Operating temperature range 0 ~ 40 Keep devices dry. Keep away from devices freezing.
Operating humidity range 85% or less RH
Accuracy ±7% FS V Output Voltage
(Duplicability) ±3%FS V Output Voltage 20℃ ~ 30℃

Component and outside dimension

Component and outside dimension : FIG-1

Operation method

① Connect a sensor to amplifier. Connect with mini DIN8P connector.
② Make wiring the electric power-source with amplifier Rating of wire voltage, (+)input-terminal 1, (-)input-terminal 2.
③ Make wiring the output
2 directions
0~±1V DC
Connect ±1V to output terminal 3, GND to output terminal 4
Direction A
0~5V DC
Connect + to output terminal 5, GND to output terminal 4
Direction B
0~5V DC
Connect + to output terminal 6, GND to output terminal 4
④ Make zero-point calibration after warming-up operation completed. (It is adjusted at the factory shipment time when the regulation requirement.)
⑤ Do not restrict GAIN(SPAN) except for special case.


  • ① The structure of this sensor is adapt to light wind extremely. Therefore, there is a possibility that it could be broken by strong wind.
  • ② Do not replace the detection home as for any reason. It will be impossible to be kept the performance.
  • ③ The power-source line of No. 2 and the GND line of No. 4 are insulated.Therefore, it is impossible to perform for common use.
  • ④ Possible to be measured the usage of top and bottom directions. It is out of performance warranty.
  • ⑤ Impossible to use where water falls on, and dusty place.


① Warranty term Warranty term is one year after ship date. We fix by free when trouble is occurred under normal use.
② Warranty range of observations Warranty range of observations are only the part of sensor and the amplifier part.
③ Exemption of responsibility These cases are not to be warranty target even it is within the warranty period as for the following;
A.Inevitable trouble as if natural disaster.
B.Mistaken use.
C.Keep using with unsuitable environment.
D.When crossing to the working range of rating.
E.In the case of modified products.
F.In addition, when it is out of our responsibility.